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Lead Vocals: Brain Freeman aka Garry Freeman 62-

Vocls, Guitar: Roy Bell

Vocals, Guitar: Aly Thorn > Bass

Vocals, Bass: Roger Pymer (2)Pat Baraskill aka Pat Harrison Sept63- (3)Ronnie Day > Keys (4)Barry Fats Dean

Sax: John Byles

Keys: Clive Frindle aka Clive Clare

Drums: Tony Russell (2)Hilson Hatley   


Golden Years Reunion

Lead Vocals: Brain Freeman aka Garry Freeman

Guitar: Dave Basham (2)Pete Watt

Bass: Mick Betts ( )Matt Hook ( )Martin ?? ( ) Trevor Leeder

Keys: Graham Fulcher

Drums: ?? (2)Trevor Lincoln (3) 


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The Contours were formed in early 1960 by Aly Thorn, Roy Bell and Tony Russell Roger Pymer. Aly & Roy were neighbours in Canarvon Road, Norwich, whilst Roger & Roys fathers worked together as ‘clickers’ in the shoe trade. The boys had been practising together since the age of ten. Tony Russell who was            joined later. The Contours first taste of success came when they won ir first p       at a talent contest         as the boys started to pick up bookings. The fortunes of the band furthered themselves when top city vocalist Brian Freeman joined the group after leaving the city based Checkers in    1962. Initial gigs as Brian Freeman and the Contours earned the group their first TV performance when they performed    on Anglia TV’s rehearsal Room on 21st March 62 followed by a second appearance on 2nd April 63. Brians transition to Garry was the work of an over imaginative promoter in Newmarket who had decided that Garry Freeman rolled of the tongue far smoother than Brian and in thinking this advertised the gig as such, and despite slight remonstrations from Brian at first, nobody else objected. The group spent about a year building up a following until taking the decision to turn professional in September 1963. This decision proved easier for some than others. Garry had already been making his living from the band and was unaffected by the proposal change. Holding down a good job Roger Pymer decided this was not for him and was replaced by    Student Pat Baraskill and this saw the groups first c196  a

The groups first success as pro band decision easy for Garry who was already making his living out of singing. Roy gave up his Van Driver/Salesmans job, Tony had been a Draughtsman and Aly worked in a shoe factory. Pat had previously been a student. 

In  1964  they won the local heat of the National Beat contest and headed off to Hammersmith for the final

National Beat Group Contest (organised by Mecca and sponsored by Walls Ice Cream)

02/04/64 Final: Hammersmith Palais - The Revellers (London)/The Original Deltones (Kent)/Vibratones(Radlett)/The Alltones(unknown)/Wainwright's Gentlemen(unknown)Garry Freeman & The Contours(Norwich)

Prizes: 1st: £1000 plus record test with EMI/2nd: £250 + Recording session/3rd:£100 + Recording Session

Palaise Pop Parade Daily Sketch 02/04/64 (P) by Ronald Miller


In 19   Garry formed & fronted the New Contours for the Golden Years gig                                   In    1965 the group recorded for the jack Jackson label the now rare and quite often undocumented Riot EP.Carrying the classic beat track Monkeying Around but more often than not noted for its Blue Flame stlye arrangment of            I’ll Go Crazy. A second single was recorded for the label ‘You Know Honey’ but never released.  The group were now making top supporting act to many of the famous names visiting Norfolk and appeared  on              Anglia’s        10th October 65. Interest from Larry Pages, Penny Farthing label in late ‘65 saw another demo disc but no record. The groups future looked bright though as the bands fourth appearance on TV in January 66 roused the interest of     Peter Fen after which he took on management of the band who within months had moulded them into The Anglian’s and retained the interest of CBS Records.   



Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers / Little John & The Echoes / The Puppets / Grant Tracey & The Sunsets /Shane Fenton & The Fentones / The Who / Tony Rivers & The Castaways / The Undertakers / The Applejacks / McKinleys / The Kinks / The Barron Knights / James King & The Farinas / The Sundowners / Shane & The Shane Gang / Brain Howard & The Silouettes / Crispin St Peter / Dave Curtis & The Tremors / David Garrick & The Iveys / The Ying Tongs / St Louis Union / The Big Three’s, Johnny Gustafson



7” There’s A Riot EP - Riot In Cell Block No’9/Monkeying Around/I’ll Go Crazy/Send Me Some Lovin' Jackson JRCEP501[ ]65

7Actd You Know Honey [ ]65

7Actd Lets Moove & Groove (Together)[ ]65


Mediography & TV:

City beat group in national final EENSJ21/03/64 (P)

Garry Sign Artist/Roy van Driver salesman / Ali Shoe factory/Pat student / Tony Draughtsman

Band not flashy but neat / Bus driver Tony (the one with the corns) unglamourose secondhand motot coach with bunks /Roy Ali neighbours starte aged 10/ equipment 1200 but adding 800

Contours in demand at US bases Udat[ ]

Palais Pop Parade (Ronald  Miller) Daily Sketch 02/04/1964[ ](P)

Leader of Ye Highwaymen joins Contours H&N EEN 24/01/1966

T.V.~ Rehearsal Room: 21/3/62[ ]2/4/62[ ] ITV: 30/10/65[ ]8/1/66[ ]

Talent Spot                            ITV [ ]


(Freeman -The Checkers)(Baraskill - CBO Inc)(Frindle -The Sonics)(Hatley -Ye Highwaymen)(Day - ??) <> The Anglians (Pymer -The Classics)(Byles - ??)(Baraskill - ??)(Russell - The Tempos)(Day - ??)

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