Why Help Fund The Archive?

Why help the Archive monetarily or otherwise!


The East Anglian Music Archive is your Archive; I’m talking to all those local musicians and singers that once sought fame and fortune, those that have just played for the fun of it, those that have the gift to write songs or were simply born to perform. Regardless of where you ended up, you all entertained the audiences and people of Norfolk and Suffolk and many of you still do.


So who is looking after your legacy! You’ll be glad to know we are.


We are unfunded and unpaid but creating the Archive costs money. Website hosting fees are just one cost we have no say over as the content of the Archive increases.

“You must be able to get funding for this fantastic collection?” If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this over the last 25 years, our money problems would be solved. However, every time we attempt funding there is some reason we are not eligible.


We have not let this stop us and today we are in the best place possible to move forward and create the largest parochial on-line and physical music archive in the UK.


It’s a fact that although the digital age has brought us some great things: photography, recording and of course the Internet to name a few, it has fervently marked the end of the artefact era, tangible mementoes will eventually disappear and no longer be part of our culture. We could hand down our existing memorabilia to our children, grandchildren, family or friends and hope they place the same importance and value on it as we have keeping it all these years. The truth is though; these things won’t play a part in their future. The photographs may get scanned in but then where should they go? Acetate, reel to reel, video and music cassettes will not get used and if stored incorrectly will deteriorate. Posters and tickets will fade and fox. These artefacts need looking after for all time; collation, restoration and digitisation of the Norfolk and Suffolk music scene are what we do. This is why we need your support and small donations.


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 How to help us, without donating

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Here are some things you can do to help the Archive without donating. They are just as important so please take the time to help us.

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Finally - Dig out your memorabilia. You can lend it to us to scan and catalogue or you can let us look after it for you.