Friends and Honorary Members

Friends are what makes this Archive tick and has been ever since 1982. Having always been a Not-for-profit organisation it has relied on similar minded people to donate artefacts, information, specialised services and most importantly time to the project to make progress. The original membership scheme of the Archive has now changed to the FRIENDS of the ARCHIVE scheme.

You can become a Friend by donating £19.99 to the Archive for which you will receive your unique enamel badge. This is a one-off fee to become a friend for life. For further information see: Why Help Fund The Archive?

The Archive also has a list of Honorary Members; these people have over the years given unconditionally their expert knowledge, services, collections, and vocal support to the project, receiving nothing in return. Their support and hands on involvement has made the Archive a much bigger and richer resource. The list also contains people who have made an invaluable contribution to or in part of the East Anglian Music Scene. These choices are made by the Archive and for the Archive’s appraisal alone.

Finally, we have along the way had small donations from various organisations and companies who like the work we do and wanted to support us. Once again these donations have been of real value to the project and our thanks go out to those organisations and companies. If you are a company who would like to sponsor the Archive please see: Advertising and Sponsorship


 Friends of the Archive

If you joined the Archive as a member and your name for some reason hasn’t appeared on this list please email us.

John Fuller, Albert Watling, Stuart Hood, Barry Eke, Archie Rednall, Richard Hooke, Barry Barrett, Mervyn Hurn, George Buckle, Tony Powles, Micky Woodcock (Deceased), Neil Watson, Mike Green, Paul Glazebrook, Malcolm Hooper (Deceased), Terry Long, Brian Kerrison, Reg Flaxman, Keith Kerrison, John Woodhouse, Mick Thurbon, John Ramshaw, Ivan Leach, Brian Lambert, Ray Broome, Pete Allen, Mike Delf, Mick Goward, Bob Booth, Sue Burden, Merv Boast, Rick Meek, Dennis Scott, Heather Enid Wells, Brian Bunce, Malcolm Fish, Simon Pritchard, Norman Johnson, M. Grice, Paul Fitzgerald, Martin Depledge, Trevor Lincoln, Jean Waxham, Dave Guttridge, Pete Morgan, John Dunn, Mark Reynolds, Suzy Cox, C. Wilkins-Jones, Trevor Leeder, Alan Mallett, Richard Gibson, Geoff Moss, Terry Rose, Robert Gower, Ken Parsons, Alan Grey, Charley South, Stefanie Wilson, Mike Winton (Deceased) , Alan Mann, Terry Bunting.

Current membership: 62


 Honorary Members

Nick South (Billy), Alan Smethurst (Deceased), Terry Wickham, Antoinette Hannant (Black Anna, Deceased), Albert Cooper, Dave Guttridge, Alan Callf (Deceased), Rob Clews, Peter Jay, Dave McDermott, Nick Stone, Derek James.


 Organisations & Company Donations