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Lead Vocals: Mike Patto

Guitar: Roger Bunn

Keys: Paul St Gunnell

Bass: Ronnie Day (2)Barry Fats Dean Sept64-Dec64

Drums: Barry Wilson


It only took the swapping of guitarists George Parsons & Roger Bunn in March 1964, between The Brokers & The Breakaways to produce The Bluebottles. The change was literally overnight and the adds for the de-funked Breakaways appeared for several months after. To begin with the group were without a name and they appeared in the paper as The Orford House Band. This happened with a few bands during the rising popularity of venue and can be confusing as many unrelated acts come under the Orford House band umbrella.

At the groups first performance they were offered a deal by Dick Charlesworth to go professional an offer they took up immediately. Bram Lowe of the Charlesworth agency became the groups personal manager and went about securing as many bookings for the group as he could.

Despite all of the help the band ground to a halt quite quickly. Roger Bunn moved to London. Interim Mike Patto fronted top Norwich outfit The Continentals and in the meantime became aqainted with Kings Lynns top music impresario, Jack Barrie who had fixed him up on the Robert Stigwood promoted Chuck Berry tour as compare. Barry Wilson had started his own trio until being invited by Mike to join Ready, Steady Go winners, The Bo Street Runners as previous drummer Mick Fleetwood had left. Mike himeslf had been spotted by the band and asked to join. Ronnie Day is reported as joining Bob Miller and his Miller Men [unconfirmed]


Supports: The Moody Blues / Chuck Berry / The Graham Bond Organisation / The Pretty Things


Second City group go professional’ EEN14/03/64[  ](P)


The Breakaways (Bunn -The Brokers) <

> (Patto -The Continentals) (Wilson - Barry Wilson Trio) (Gunnel - ??) (Day - ??)