Last updated: 22-04-2014

M1968 to M1969 [confirmation required]

Lead Vocals: Les Read

Guitar: Derek Overy

Bass: Dave Saggers

Drums: Gary Woods     


Minus the Keybords and the Horns Jay Lane were the reduced - At the end of the Lane Gary moved to London and continued to play professionally with lead singer Spencer MaCullum’s Spencer Mac band signed to     records but returned in 71? To re-join Derek in touring band Barabas.


Supports: The Pearlettes Oct 68 / Joe Cocker & the Grease Band / Status Quo



Lowestofts Jaylane are splitting up EEN H&N 09/06/1969[ ](P)


Soul Reaction <> The Morrells (Woods - Barabas)(Read - The Copeman Sound)