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Lead Vocals, Guitar: Raymond Burrell

Guitar: Bernard Rudd

Keys: Ian McLagan

Bass: Bernard Barton (2)Barry Fats Dean

Drums: Brian Rocky Brown


In June 1965 The Tea Time Four felt the group's victorian name to be out of date with their image and became Boz People, the name change was officially unveiled to the Norfolk people when they backed The Applejacks at the Gala, Norwich on [date required] after returning from a trip to Paris


Failure to get the group onto vinyl had taken its toll and the band called it a day in November 1965. Barton had already returned to Norfolk to set up Bernard Barton Entertainments although did take the stage briefly with Bus Stop


Columbia records had shown an interest in Boz’s obvious potential as a vocalist but at the time of the split became linked by the media to joining The Who, a completely unfounded rumour. Instead Boz was taken under the wing of promoter Charles Dean aka The Bowler Hat backer and signed to Columbia in January 1966, a move he was to later regret


Big names were also thrown about for the other members of the band drummer Rocky Browne was linked with The Pretty Things before actually joining  The Summer Set who signed to Columbia in 1966. Rocky adds "After TT4 i joined The Summer Set and we immediatly went out on tour to Holland and Gemany, i was with the band until they split in November 1968 and played on all their records" The band released a pair of UK 45’s, a US only single and played as the backing band on some of the Top Ten Allstars singles in Germany


Fats Dean was linked to Manfred Mann, while guitarist Bernard Rudd returned to King's Lynn to continue his accountancy. Ian Mclagan went on to join The Small Faces and it is clear from Ian’s autobiography released in 1998 that he had little regard for what he called Boz's relaxed attitude on and off stage


Supports: The Applejacks / PJ Proby /Kenny & Cash (DJ’s) / The Pretty Things



Local groups become Poor Souls & Boz People in London EEN19/06/1965[ ](P)

Boz People break up EEN19/11/1965[ ]



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The Tea Time Four <> Boz (Barton - Bus Stop)