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News,The - Mk1 E1966 to E1967

News, The - Mk2 C1969-C1970


LVox, Keys: Andy Fields lnr

/Guit: Ivan Zagni(2) Pete Miller.

Vox, Bass: Harvey Platt/

Drums: Denny Royal.    


[all unchecked]               

Let’s not confuse the issue here, The News were in-fact The Continentals® . Although the group bore very little resemblance to that of its first incarnation back in the summer of 1959 and no longer shouldered the talents of popular coloured serviceman, singer Milton Ingram. The group had been in this format since December 1962 and were the longest serving line-up. Norwich concert goers would turn out in droves when ever the group were in town. Harvey’s brother Howard pushed the group through his GWO (Garret Waite Organistaion®) promotion agency and knew the only way forward was to get the group onto vinyl.

Recorded by The Continentals as a demo the first single the Entertainer

The band had evolved and now        a very profesional edge, one that was to see it sign to Decca records in early 66. Two release’s followed two unsuccesful (chart-wise) singles one of which was used as the theme tune to ITV’s detective series Adam Adamant. Localy both singles were a massive success                    In 1969 the band set off to Thailand and effectively finished its days abroad. Since then the band has had several reunions mainly under the Continental banner. first being

Mike Patto’s waining attempts to keep the Bo Street Runners alive                     Harvey returned from London in                         In 19  The News made an appearance in the        hemisphere


Andy Field takes up the story ‘I sang on both singles Mike Patto                      I wasn’t happy about the second single I can hear my voice and then when it was released I could here a second voice besides mine, It wasn’t their at the end of the session. I was working at Gooses records in Davey Place at the time they were released, people asked me to sign the record bag as they bought it, I think most of the copies sold came from us. I felt neither of the records represented what we were as a band and decided to call it a day.’ The group continued at first helping Mike Patto’s unsuccessful attempts at reviving the dead in the water Bo Street Runners, before leaving Ivan in London and returning to Norwich to continue the News as a three piece, with Pete Miller on vocals & guitar. In     although it was never officially announced the band had started to go it’s own way. Pete was working            . And  denny joined giging band reformation waining attemps           

Supports: She Trinity / Zoot Moneys Big Roll Band / Billy J Krammer & The Dekotas / Dawn & The Deejays / Jimmy James & The Vagabonds / The Raisons / The Fourmost / Cream / Alan Price Set /Sands



7”The Entertainer b/w I Count The Tears Decca F12356[  ]66

7”This The Moment b/w Ya Ya Da Da Decca F12477[  ]66



EBBG ‘80




(Miller -The Fuzz) The Continentals <> (Royal-Reformation) (I.Zagni - ??) (Platt - ??)


Vox,Guit: Pete Miller/Bass: Harvey Platt.

Vox, Electric Bongo’s: Luke Watson/Drums: Rob Newton.


When were the News not the News? When you are desperate to get a holiday in a hot country under the pretence you are a well known English band. After interviewing Harvey Platt I still could not tie up some discrepancies in dates. So I asked him about rumours that the News actually finished in the early seventies and reminded him of reports that the News played in Thailand. Harvey put his hand to his forehead and just laughed. ‘It was a shambles’ He Said ‘Originally I wasn’t suppose to be there, Luke was going to learn to play the bass after I declined. We had blaged our way in, sending them copies of the News records and of Pete’s ‘Cold Turkey’. We had a great time for about eighteen months, but I’m glad we were in Thailand. The group became unstuck when Pete’s record ‘Cold Turkey’ entered the German charts. Pete’s reluctance to promote the record live saw someone else mime to the record on German TV, seen by the tours promoters it raised doubts about Pete’s real identity. Who was the real Big Boy Pete? 




ToRs: Thailand 1969/70. ReSi:


(Watson -The Pleasure Machine) Rob Newton Trio <

> Conx: Triffiny H3 & The Entertainers H12


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