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Also Known As:
  • Boz Burrell

Basic Information

1946 - 2006 (60)
Born In:
  • Saracens Head, Lincolnshire, Uk
Last Known Location:
  • ??, SPAIN


  • Lead Vocalist
  • Guitarist
  • Bassist

Born Saracens Head, Lincolnshire, 1 August 1946 - Died Marbella, Spain 2006



The Tea Time Four

Boz People

The Sidewinders

Feel For Soul

Alan Price (Set) Oct67-Dec67

Panorama Dec67-Feb68


In 1974 Boz became a member of Robert Fripps Mk4 version of King Crimson, Fripps failiure to locate a suitable bass player saw Boz taking on the roll of bassist aswell. The group situated themselves in America and recorded one album before internal pressure split the band. While in the USA Boz met up and toured with Alexis Korner as his bass player and recorded an album with him on his Snape project. After a short spell as a session musician in 1973 Boz became a founder member of Paul Rogers original Bad Company. The group split in 19  but reformed in 19     . During the interim period Boz sessioned for    with