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Lead vocals: Bruce MacPherson Lucas aka Lucas am (2)Rock Golding

Lead Vocals, Guitar: Lester Grey Middleton

Guitar:  Fred Rigby

Guitar: Bernie Barton (2)Alan Clark

Bass: Bob Tuttle

Sax: Jackie Wilkinson

Organ: Derek Bugsy Shephard

Drums: Clive Monen (2)Stewy McIntosh    


The idea of having a group called the Emperors was perceived by Bernard Barton in 1962 after he had left The Jetblacks. He then set about putting a band together around the name. Early rehearsal sessions had included the likes of Roger Bunn who had previously been with The Blazes and then had headed up his own Trio. Lester Middleton who had himself just departed from the Blazes® also went along to one of the practice sessions but unlike Bernie who did not hang around to see his brainchild reach maturity stayed.  in 62’. The band contain the well                .Bernie didn’t hang around to see his brainchild reach maturity but did  and went on to join Kings Lynn outfit The Tea Time four.

The group took to the circuit on Saturday 24th of March 62 playing at Sprowston Youth Club with Lester becoming the groups principle frontman under the stage name of Lester Roberts.

In December 1963 the group were introduced to coloured American singer Bruce Lucas McPherson whilst playing at the City Supporters Club. Lucas as who went on to be known Just Lucas® joined the group in Jan 64 who was then serving in the United States Air Force at Mildenhall

In 196  The band attempted to change their name to The  Lester Grey Outfit, but audience disapproval soon saw the band revert band to their preferred name of Lucas & The Emperors.

After Alans departure Lester had become disillusioned with the bands seemingly constant upheaval and influenced by the an influx of three piece groups especially noting The Big Three the group decided to run as a three piece itself.         to group ran as a three piece

In 1965 the band made their way to London to record what was to be the groups only demo, Harlem Shuffle. The demo was intended as a taster for inotive record producer Joe Meek. Immediately after the session Lester & Lucas took the freshly cut disc straight to Joes studio in      studio’s at first receiving a flat refusal Lucas’s persistence paid off and Joe came down to see them he was impressed and gave the band a chance to audition, but Lucas couldn’t make the date due to work commitments and that’s were the story ends   and as coincidence would have it the main track was a version of Harlem Shuffle later to be released by The Mike Cotton featuring non other than Lucas on vocals.

Lucas left to turn professional in January 1966 and was replaced by another singing GI Rock Golding who fronted the band until it’s dispansion two months later in March 1966. Lester headed off into retirement or so he thought as he was soon tempted back to head up a revived line-up of the CBO who instantly became the Southern Trust.  

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Supports: The Druids / Georgie Fame / Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers / The Who / The Clearways / Jimmy James & The Vagabonds / Gary Farr & The T-Bones/ The Hipster Image / The Tornadoes / The Vibros / Shelly


Discography: Actd The Harlum Shuffle b/w Hitchike [  ]65



Local group show brains and beat do mix (Meet the Emperors) EEN 13/3/1965[ ](P)


(Middleton -The Blazes) (McIntosh - The Classics)  <>  (Barton -The Tea Time Four) (Lucas - The Mike Cotton Sound) (Middleton - CBO)


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