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Lead Vocals: Dick Moles

Guitar: Mick Noller

Bass: Neville Moles (2)Ben Foster

Piano: Mike Finbow (2)Roger Kemp > Keys

Trombone: Dick Mayhew

Baritone Sax: Dick Maun

Drums: John Mayhew [unconfirmed] (2)Ron West


Formed in August 1965 drummer Ron West had already tasted the fruits of success on the hardened stages of Germanys, Hamburg regions with the Ipswich based Nomads. Here he found himself signed to the Beatles', Parlophone label and heading back to Germany


In [date required] the group set off to record in Abbey Road studio’s, London.

"I remember going into the studio and


[name required] but was soon replaced by Roger Kemp after an impromptu audition and drink at the Royal Oak Public House, [location required]


The group left for Germany in November 1966. The four month tour took in the Star Club, Karlsruhe & a short diversion to Copehagen to support Ex Manfred Mann frontman Paul Jones who celerbrated with the group at his hotel as his second solo release went into the UK top ten


After the group returned in February 1967 the rigours of touring and having very little money divided the band who effectively split although with the introduction of ex [band required] Ben Foster saw the band continue until the summer of 1967


With the addition of [name required] and [name required] from The Champange Set who by now had popped their cork the group became known as Charles ‘n’ Babycake & the Too Much Band



The Paramounts / The Soul Agents / The Summer Set / The Merseybeats / Trendsetters Ltd / Paul Jones

The Clayton Squares / Mark Leeman Five / The Loose Ends / Herbie Goings & The Nightimers

Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames / The Cream / Cole Train Union / The Summerset

Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band


Germany Nov 1966 - Feb 1967 (includes Copenhagen)


Baths Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk

7Actd You Don't Know, Like I Know / We're Doing Fine / Come Home Baby (Instro) / The Bounce

Abbey Road Studios, London

7” Goodbye Mr Heartache b/w Were Gonna Make It Parlophone R5465[ ]1966


London date for Ipswich band IES 24/02/66 (P)


(West/Maun - Front Bench)(Kemp -The Sleepwalkers)(Moles - Les Blues) <> The Too Much Band (West)(?? - St Willies Cool School)(Kemp - The Champagne Set)