Last updated: 11-12-2014

Lead Vocals: Boz Burrell

Guitar: Colin Pincott

Bass: Tex Makins

Drums: Roy Mills     


In the briefest of excursions just after his departure from Feel For Soul Boz Burrell headed off into the sunset to make guest appearances with The Alan Price Set but within weeks had teamed up with Lowestoft guitar legend Colin Pincott, ex Blue Flame Tex Makins and Prices drummer Roy Mills to perform as Panorama


Papers reported an odd story about the band getting stuck in Germany so I asked Colin about the incident. Colin roars with laughter. "My word you’re well informed" he starts "We were all at a loose end and put the band together overnight. Boz was still on the run from his legal obligations to Charles Dean aka The Bowler Hat Backer so it was all a bit hush hush, or so we thought. We made our way to Germany on the promise of gigs but when we arrived it was just one let down after another." The group ran into financial difficulties they played a few gigs but it took Colin to sell one of his original Vox Ac30’s to raise the fairs to get back home



Germany Jan-Feb68           


(Pincott - The CBO)(Burrell - Feel For Soul / Alan Price Set 11/10/67) <> C.Pincott