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Also Known As:
  • Willies Cool School
  • The Cool School

Basic Information

  • Ipswich, Suffolk, Uk
  • 60s Soul
Active Years:
L1966 - M1968

L1965 to M1968 [unconfirmed]

Lead Vocals, Harp: Keith Wymer aka Nick Wymer

Guitar: Roger Clarke-Johnson

Bass: Jerry Hovell

Keys: Melvyn Sem Seabourne

Drums: John Mayhew (2)John MacRea


The shell of the highly popular Nightsect made up the Cool School with the addition of the lead vocal talents of Keith Wymer who had previously been singing with The Fairies of Colchester


laying in Hamburg with his Nomads 


Adverts for the bands gigs were often just shortened to the name; The Cool School or Willies Cool School


The group paid their first visit to Norwich in November 1966



For a time the drummers helm was filled by John Mayhew who had started his drumming days with the Ipswich based Epics, he left the Cool School after answering an add in the Melody Maker (now known not to be true) and became part of the Mk 3 line-up of Genisis in Sept 69. The group, who had now signed to Charisma made the album “Trespass” but john departed from the group before its release in Oct 1970, his replacement was one Phil Collins


Supports: Marmalade / Sonny Childe



Ipswich in the 50's & 60's by David Kindred [ ] Evening Star 2006 ISBN1-84547-102-4

note: this book states that the band formed in 1968, although it should be noted that adverts for the band were seen as early as November 1966.


(MacRea - The Clique) (Wymer -The Faries) Sullivan James Band? / The Nightsect <> Journey Within