Last updated: 14-01-2018

Lead Vocals: Mark Preston aka Victor Keller am

Lead Vocals, Guitar: Ray Feak (2)David Downs

Lead Vocals, Keys: Melvin Knotley

Bass: Graham Knotley(2)Paul Wortley

Drums: Brian Green (2)Mick Watling


In April 1965 Feek, Melvyn Knotley and Green broke away from The Vagabonds to form The Ray-Mel-Green Trio. The new trio had the idea of adding more variety to the act and one month later they turn professional with the promise of a summer season at the Goodes Hotel in Yarmouth.


That same month The New Vagabonds were launched at the Larkman PH. That same month The New Vagabonds relaunched at The Larkman PH, Nch. Little is known about the band but Feek is later connected with long running outfit The Aces. Watling had previously been with The Travellers and Preston had fronted his own trio.



East Anglian Dance Success EEN 15/05/65 (P)



The Manor House PH, Nch 196?


(Watling - The Travellers) <> (Feek - The Aces)