Last updated: 01-04-2014

Lead Vocals: Derek Moore

Guitar: Guy Ludbrook

Bass: Lionel Knights

Tenor Sax: John Tuttle

Trumpet: Louie Moore

Baritone Sax: Keith Hart

Drums: Alan Dye


After a short spell as Soul Concern the band became The Toby Jug Band in February 1968


In [date required] Robert Stigwood had allegedly talked Briget Bardot’s sister into touring the country. After a disagreement with her backing band. On one gig she was supported by the Toby Jug Band who were in turn asked to become here backing band for the remainder of the tour and any subsequent tours. The band went into negotiations with Stigwood’s agents before it was revealed that although the girl look the spitting image of Briget Bardot she was infact just a look-a-like stripper that had turned singer [unconfirmed report]


In May 1968 Tuttle & Hart leave to rejoin The Alex Wilson Set who were now playing under the title Kiss


Supports: Studio Six / The Pyramids / The Neat Change



It’s Non-Stop pop EEN H&N 11/03/1968[ ]

Easter record bid is off EEN H&N 01/04/1968[ ]


(Ludbrooke - Mal Scott Feeling) Soul Concern <> The Alex Wilson Sect / Kiss