Last updated: 03-04-2014

Lead Vocals: Danny Eves

Guitar: Peter Hull > Bass (2)Dave Haywood

Bass: Bobby Secker (2)Peter Hull

Keys: Ted Fuller

Drums: Denny Royal   


Changed in March 1969 - The end of Reformations era, was enjoyed performing under the culinary title of Stockpot. The groups line-up remained intact and the exact inspiration behind the name change is still unclear. Hi profile support gigs still came the bands way and they remained


In [month required] 1969 Bob leaves the group to join Rock’n’Roll revivalists Memphis Index. Peter Hull moved over to bass and Dave Haywood came in on guitar from the band Hard Line


Quickly running out of steam, Stockpot certainly had all the right ingredients but were fast approaching their use by date and broke up in late 1969


[apololgies for the cooking cliche's]


Supports: The Dave Amboy Big Band / Slade / Pyramids / Sasparella / Spooky Tooth


(Haywood - Hard Line) Reformation <> (Secker - Memphis Index)(Royal - Tanglewood)