Last updated: 05-03-2014

Lead Vocals: Peter Read aka Ricky Southern

Guitar: Peter Balls aka Johnny Balls

Keys: Lester Middleton

Bass: Dennis Matthews (2)George Parsons

Drums: Luke Watson aka Mick Alvin


In late 1966 established group The CBO felt their change in style over the last year meant they had outgrown their previous beat mantle and in November that year became known as The Southern Trust, a name inspired by the lyrics of Chuck Berry's Bye Bye Johnny.

The main stays of the band and of the previous CBO remained the partnership between vocalist, Peter Read aka Ricky Southern & Drummer Luke Watson who at this time was using the alias Mick Alvin   


It was the departure of Ricky Southern in [date required] that saw the band become The Pleasure Machine


Supports: Graham Bond Organisation / Riot Squad / Alex Harvey & The Mox



New Name - Southern Trust  07/11/1966[ ]


CBO Inc <> The Pleasure Machine