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Lead Vocals, Guitar: Roger Moon

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys: Lester Middleton

Bass: George Parsons aka Charles Berry

Drums: Luke Watson  


Constant line-up changes meant that percussionist Luke Watson was the only survivor from the bands previous guises stretching as far back to the days of the CBO Incorporated. Performances as The Southern Trust saw the introduction of the versatile Lester Middleton who had previously fronted The Emporors who had introduced U.S. singing star Lucas


It was down to Luke and Lester to put together this line-up. George Parsons was recruited from an unknown band in Yarmouth who were as George puts it "Just going through the motions" George took the stage name Charles Berry for this outing


Roger Moon had been in [band name required] and was pulled in through George Parsons who had been in The Brokers with Roger. The group immediately swung in the favour of the new folk rock influence brought into the group by Roger. "He was into writing intelligent songs." Said George. The influence even stretched to the bands name which had been an out-take from a line of a Simon & Garfunkel track Bright Green Pleasure Machine. "Roger opened my eyes two a whole new field of music, music I still listen to today" commented Lester


Annoucing their arrival on the Here & Now page in October 1967 they pointed out that their repertoire spanned the gamut of Sinatra to Donavan but were heavily influenced by new writers such as Paul Simon and wanted to introduce as many people to this style of music as possible


After the group split in [date required] Roger & Lester continued to write songs together recording some of their tracks [details required]. Luke moved on to join a new version of The News and George decided to retire from the gigging scene making a few appearances for The Roy Remo band and some for Albert Cooper's resident group at the Jacquard. Lester also took the cabaret option playing for a while with Great Yarmouth music impresario Johnny Gillespie and it was an out take of this group that would become the popular coastal band Spiral in the early seventies



Craftsmen form new machine EEN H&N 30/10/1967[ ](P)

City clubs reopen EEN H&N 27/05/1968[ ](P)


(Parsons - The Fuzz) Southern Trust <> (Watson - The News II) (Middleton - Spiral)