Last updated: 23-02-2014

Lead Vocals: Tony Woods

Guitar: Pete Miller

Bass: Dave Wilson

Drums: ?? (2)Luke Watson


It was the singing, duck walking and without doubt guitar playing of Chuck Berry in the 1956 movie Rock Rock Rock that inspired King Edward school boy Pete Miller to become a guitarist. He sold his Hornby Dublo train set, the Duchess of Montrose, Locomotive edition and bought a £5 Spanish acoustic guitar. Future bass player and school friend Dave Wilson also caught the bug for Rock’n’Roll and they rehearsed together. Playing their first gig on July 17th 1959 at the Blyth School Hop. The group were then joined by Luke Watson on drums and Tony Woods on vocals. Playing the Morley Village Hall on November 20th 1959 they then became known as The Offbeats


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