Last updated: 07-07-2015

Lead Vocals: Christine Vance (2)Jill ?? (3)John Watts

Guitar: Ronnie Daring

Guitar: David Want

Bass: Mike Brighton (2)Nigel Marrison

Drums: John Watts (2) ??


[re check as band did play live]          

This mythical band never made it past the rehersal stages says founder member Mike Brighton even after I had left the band still just rehearsed. Perhaps it befitting then that many of its members became well established performers on the scene, thus proving the theory practice makes perfect. Their debut gig that was suppose to take place at the TA Center on Alysham Rd never it materialised, but apparently the band kept on rehearsing. This group became the beginning of a lavishing career for olderman & Jex (Now Blyth Jex) schoolboy Ronnie Daring, who in later later years was to be refered to ss the Legendary Ronnie Daring for his smooth and distinct guitar style,even auditions by singers such of the calibre of Mervyn Hurn couldn’t kick start the band. Restless bassist Mike soon moved on to join Vic keelers alias Mark Preston’s Vendors. Ronnie became a member of the Rapiers. Jillian ?? Would front a mojority of The Vitones gigs sharing the vocals with stickman John Watts would weave in and out of group until joining them on a permanent basis when they became The Circuit Five, a group that would later reunite him with Ronnie Daring. Christine Vance became a professional singer with the            . And Nigel Marrison became an original Cheater.


<> The Vitones (Brighton - The Vendors) (Daring - The Rapiers) (Vance - ??) (Marrison - The Cheaters)