Last updated: 10-01-2017

Hammon Organ: Trevor Naylor

Guitar: Mick Wimps Weaver

Bass: Pete Conway

Drums: Paul Bim Richardson


May's Way played their first gig at Bentwaters Airmans Club 14th September 1968. They were a four piece backing band for Baby May and The Soul Brothers. On 20th September they auditioned at Whisky A Go Go, Wardour Street, London and came under the management of Roy Tempest. They performed in Warrington, The Boat Club Nottingham, Whisky a Go Go London and Manchester, Cue Club London, Royal Ballroom Tottenham, Birdcage Harlow, Starlight Room Boston, Walsall Town Hall, Clouds Derby and Golden Torch, Stoke on Trent. Source: Pete Conway