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Lead Vocals: Derek Driver (2)Brian Tubby aka Brian Russell (3)Terry Seeley

Guitar: Dave Smith-Howell

Bass: Brian Wilson (2)David Knowles (3)Phil Dimitri (4)Alan Fish

Sax: Keith Huffy Hart

Flute: Bryan Bees Turner

Keys, Sax: John Tuttle (2)Jack Chaplin (3)Clive Button

Drums: John Jewell




Minor line-up changes turned the highly popular Alex Wilson Set into Kiss in May 1968. The band continued to be first choice and main support to many of the more established artists visiting East Anglia and it was those work commitments that accounted for the constant line-up changes recalls manager Tony baker.


In May 1968 John Tuttle joins the band from The Toby Jug Band also around this time the band meet Jean Besnard a French promoter who was in attendance at an audition for a summer season in Jersey. The Jersey season did not prevail but gigs in Europe through Besnard did.


The first major change came in mid 1969 when frontman Derek Driver decided to retire, local band The Influence had almost come to an end and their frontman Brian Tubby was touted as his replacement. Brian did perform a couple of shows with the band but Derick then decided to stay on a little longer and the change fell through. Finally in September 1969 Derrick did retire and reccomended Terry Seeley an old college friend as his replacement. On Drivers final night fans would not let him leave the stage and headline act Eyes of Blond did not get the chance to finish the night.


On the Threshold:



In May 1968 john tuttles joins the band from the Toby Jug Band The band began to work abroad and in 196 appeare on        TV when they appeared at the Montrose festival. This appearence led to the negotiations with the avangarde french label context. Kiss produced one single for the label and in my opinion a quite exceptional one, The A side called Peace Of Mind was an inspired piece of writing and given the time of its release with the right promotion could quite easiy have charted in England.  Further line up changes just befor the release of the single saw the cover feature new members Alan Fish & Clive Button instead of performing artists John Tuttle & David Knowles. Once the group had decided to call it a day in 197  a backlog of work commitments and            saw Kiss spin-off groups fulfilling dates. The first being Barabas and then almost a kiss resurrection as Barkiss. Despite the amount of media attention received by the band including The Moody Blues drummer Grahan Edges interest in wanting to sign them to his own label in the band, until being told they sounded to much like the Moody Blues. The group never reached full fruition. Containing many of East Anglia’s finest muscians, playing abroad was fine but to many gigs inside the east anglian borders kept the band a local


Supports: Amen Corner / The Hollies / Chris Farlowe / The Moody Blues / Edwin Starr & the State Express

Noel & The Fireballs / Tony & The Genisis / The JB Roadshow / The Pyramids / Jo Jo Gun / The Sweet

The Flares / The Procession / Marmalade / Roots’n Jenny Jackson & The Nightimers / Ferris Wheel

Jason Crest / Chris McClure Sect / The Idle Race / The Nice


Festivals: Montreux Festival, Swiss Television 1970



Actd Piece of mind b/w If I dout thy word

Dt ~ Piece of mind/Mr Man/Standing alone/Why/One day you will be/If I dout thy word



We’ve found our demo, say Kiss EENH&N 17/03/1969[ ]

Kiss on threshold EENH&N 23/03/1970[ ]


The Toby Jug Band / The Alex Wilson Sect (Set) <> Barabas

Cover Title Studio Label YoR