Last updated: 13-11-2016

Guitar: Bev Parish (2)Ivan Leach

Guitar: John Adams

Bass: Sean Twomey

Lead Vocals, Drums: Mervyn Pedelty


The Debenbeats formed in November 1963. Our first performance was on Boxing Day of that year for a wedding reception at The Labour Club Felixstowe. In 1964 we played on 45 occasions all over Suffolk including support to the Liverpool bands at The Pier Pavilion Felixstowe .. the band continued on into 1965 when we all went our separate ways with other bands! In July of 2013 we had our first reunion at The Half Moon Felixstowe (Walton) which was so successful we repeated it in 2014-15 we intend to play again in July of 2017, if we all make it? We are scattered all over including the USA (Bev) but try to make it to Felixstowe each year! Unfortunately Mervyn Pedelty, that is Sir Mervyn Pedelty is no longer with us having sucomed to cancer some years back! source: John Adam 12/11/2016


Leach replaces Parish temporarily as Parish does return


Mervyn Pedelty is Knighted in 2004 for his services to business & charities, in particular ethical banking. he sadly passes away in January 2010 aged 61