Last updated: 14-01-2014

Lead Vocals: Eric Duprez (2)Lee Stewart (3)Norma Duprez (4)Sandy Kennon

Guitar: Roger Bunn (2)Lester Middleton

Piano: Paul Saint Gunnel

Double Bass: Pete Walker

Drums: Dave Tooke


Humble beginings for the likes of Roger Bunn & Paul Gunnel refered to as “Citys Young Modern Jazzmen” in an evening news article both went on to join the legendary Bluebottles with Mike Patto         The group were sometimes billed as The Blazes featuring the Sandy Kennon Vocal Group, but no further vocalist were ever mentioned or have come to light. The band played regularly at The Cottage Public House in Thorpe and were fronted by various guest singers, but none more so prestige as Sandy Kennon the Canarys goalkeeper at the time. The group were an instant success, but there keeness to play saw  most of the band moonlighting with smaller outfits, Gunnel,Walker, Tooke and Bunn in The Paul Gunnel Group and Gunnel, Bunn & Tooke in The Roger Bunn Trio and many more permutations besides. The group split and Sandy was soon back on the scene with his Kentones.



It’s A Good Thing I Can Sing! Jokes Sandy 31/12/60[ ](P)   


(Bunn - The Footprints Skiffle Group) (Middleton - The Jetblacks) <

> (Kennon - The Kentones) (Bunn - ??) Middleton - The Emporors) (Gunnel - ??)