Last updated: 28-11-2013

Lead Vocals: Derek Driver

Guitar: Dave Smith-Howell

Bass: Brian Wilson

Keys: Derek Moore (added member, left and not replaced)

Sax: John Tuttle (added member)

BSax: Keith ‘Huffy’ Hart (added member)

Drums: John Crisp (2)John Jewell   


The groups frontman Derek Driver had never sung before joining the Alex Wilson Sect, later to be known as Set. The groups name often confused people as the name Alex Wilson came the fact that bass player Brian Wilson lived on Alexander Road in Beccles, there was no actual Alex Wilson in the band.


Under the watchful eye of manager Tony Baker aka Boney Taker, the ten percent man, the band strung together an impressive array of supports. Tony remembers an incident when the group backed Pink Floyd at The Floral Hall, Gorleston. Tony said "The band turned up late and didn't have a sound check, when it was time for the band to go on they were far too loud and people started to leave, the band left the stage early and The Set [Alex Wilson Set] had to retake the stage to finish the night."


About a year into the bands existence the group acquired a horn section and saw the arrival of the so far largely undiscovered talent of John Tuttle who had come from The Toby Jug Band 


Supports: The Bee Gees / Mannfred Mann / Graham Bond / The Who / The Bees / Edwin Starr & The JJ Sounds / The Pretty Things / Cream / The Mersey Beats / Pink Floyd / The Barron Knights / The Nite People / Pheonix City / Ten Years After / The Money Spiders / Ebony Keys / Paper Blitz Tissue / The Ray King Soul Band / The Tramline / The Penny Peep Show / The Rick ‘N’ Beckers / Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band



Alex Wilson Sect at Industrial Club H&N EEN15/05/67[ ](P)



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> Kiss (Moore - Soul Concern)